We are thankful for the interest and support shown in our family umbrella business over the years.
Here below is a selection of books, articles, pictures and youtube videos which have appeared in the media. Each one shines a light on an area of interest for the interviewer/filmer. Our Umbrellas, the family history or the fascinating process of making umbrellas. Please click on the links below to view.

AlexEagle umbrella white 01 website  Alex Eagle Collaboration

   Alex Eagle x James Ince Umbrellas: History in the Making

   "more than 200 years of craftmanship are behind the perfect form of the Alex Eagle umbrella....."

MIB Podcast96 visit to an umbrella factory

Make it British - Kate Hills

2019 Oct   Podcast - a visit to an umbrella factory

Local Buyers Club - Basil

2018 Oct    210 years of Rain and Shine

The Manufacturer - Maddy White

2018  Sept   Ince Umbrellas: Umbrella Makers for over 200 years

BBC Inside Out Programme

2018 Sept  Is London's Manufacturing hub at risk?

Vauxhall - V-Zine

2018 Aug  As English as fish & chips and a cup of tea

Darbymade - Quick Brown Fox Video

2017 Dec  Ince Umbrellas

The Tweed Pig

2017 May  Ince Umbrellas of London (1805)

Something Curated

2016 Apr   Five Makers in East London keeping Craftwork relevant

Makers of East London - Hoxton Mini Press

2015 Apr   James Ince & Sons Umbrellas

Ant & Dec's Saturday night Take away

2013 Feb   Singing in the rain - Robbie Williams

Spitalfields Life - Gentle Author

2011 Jan    At James Ince & Sons, Umbrella Makers

2011 Nov   Terry Coleman, Umbrella Maker

2011 Nov   Albert, The Umbrella

Homes & Garden

1990 Mar  Restoration for an old garden umbrella - James Ince & Sons